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The Teutonic Order Welcomes You!

If you are thinking of joining the Teutonic Order hopefully this will answer any questions you have. If not feel free to contact one of our officers in game with any additional questions.

A little about us.
  We are a guild founded on one principle: Having fun while remaining drama free. We do a bit of everything. We have raid teams, we do pvp, we run old content fairly often for achievements, we have an active guild base. There is usually always someone on and guild chat is usually lively. Fair warning, we don't impose any limits on guild chat and things can get a little crazy, but it is nothing like trade chat (usually).

  We currently have two teams. Our main team is currently 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul with our second team 7/8 normal for Dragon Soul, raiding Fri-Sun at 7pm. We are in the process of building a third team. Loot is distributed through a loot council with priority going Tank/Healer/Dps. We do try for progression, but mostly we raid for fun.

PvP (like a boss)
 We have a couple of arena teams going currently with more on the way hopefully. We are trying to get rated BGs going at some point in the near future. We do have many talented people we just need to get everyone together at the same time when we are not raiding!

Achievement Unlocked!
  Currently we are doing weekly ICC and Ulduar 25 mans for achievements and shards for guild members working on such. We usually have a group for each ICC raid for achievements at some point during the week, though rarely scheduled. If you love achievements, we are the guild for you.

Still reading?
To sum it up, we are a fun guild that will provide most things for most people. We are looking for people who want to join us and be part of the guild. If you want to raid we will do our best to get you into raids. Same with PvP or achievements. But the guild must come first. We put no limits on level or class or anything else. If you wish to join us, just whisper an officer.
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